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2016 Brochure – Theme 50 Years of Star Trek
Bagpipe tribute to Leonard Nimoy and Grace Lee Whitney

Bagpipe tribute to Leonard Nimoy and Grace Lee Whitney



5 Responses to Trekfest XXXIII: June 23rd and 24th 2017

  • Dennis Lynch says:

    Hi – The Linn County Humanists Association would like to come down and participate in your parade and get a dealers table again at next month’s fest. We’ve been there for the last couple of yours. Please position us next to the Mindbridge table(s).

  • Rebecca McClure says:

    Hey what’s the price of admission per adult and what are the times for this? I’m really wanting to surprise my room mates and and their mom with this and need more information to set it up for all of us. Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    • Blog Master says:

      Trekfest is Friday June 23 (5:30PM – 1am) and Saturday June 24 (7am-midnight)
      All events are free admission except the 5k race (registration fee includes a shirt) and the demolition derby ($10)
      There will be merchandise and food/beer for purchase. is our new website with the schedule of events, or find us on FB @Trekfest33


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